Ultra Run’ers: Inspiring and supporting health and fellowship close to home

Staff Writer

Fellowship plays a major role in the condition of human beings. We are designed to be social creatures, seeking out connections where we can find them. That fellowship can translate into better physical and mental health of those involved in it.
In Texas County, some have found that special fellowship in the Ultra Run’ers (UR). Fast or slow, run or walk, this unique and varied group of enthusiasts are more than just being the first across the finish line - it’s support and love among their ranks to ensure every soul crosses the line in their time.
“Sometimes we all just need to clear our minds and recenter our self in nature. Running does just that,” Rick Roberts points out.
Roberts is known by many for his enthusiastic passion for running. He says the activity is highly addictive, with the endorphin rush that comes from training to finishing a run. His motivators are health, fellowship and sanity.
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