Translator update: no defined date for new antenna, but progress being made

Staff Writer

Updates are coming in occasionally in regards to the installation of a new television translator for viewers who receive a signal over the air. This week, a brief update has come across the Guymon Daily Herald desk as to what is taking place and where the work is at right now.
It has been noted there could be a delay with receiving the antenna before work can more forward in earnest. Along with that delay, winter and spring weather could create additional delays.
Residents have lost the ability to pick up all channels except those coming from OETA in recent weeks. Station managers have indicated awareness that the channels, which is due to conflict cutting off the sometimes spotty signal coming from the tower in Gruver.
It has been learned that KVII has gone with a work-around so the station no longer has to use the Gruver tower, working out a deal to use fiber line to Guymon. The fiber is not in place yet. The one station could go live as soon as the new antenna is installed. While issues in Gruver appear to have come to a resolution, a point to point signal will not be restored until the new Guymon antenna is in place.
All problems aside, there is hope the first week of March will be a window of opportunity to get the equipment installed to get television restored in some capacity to Guymon.