Local Dr. weighs in on MHTC situation

Staff Writer

Following the announcements on the closure of the obstetrics department at Memorial Hospital of Texas County, doctors have made efforts to meet with community leaders to stand up for the needs of patients. During the past two days, it has been revealed that they have received little communication from hospital administration. Even with that lack of communication, they want to work to find a solution that keeps the department open to serve the community.

In the case of Dr. Martin Bautista, it’s about standing up for those who aren’t able to make the trip out of town to give birth. While Bautista holds no stake in women giving birth in Guymon and stands to gain no profit from OB staying open, he still remains passionate about taking pride in being born in Guymon.

“We have successfully practiced medicine without any assistance from the county since we began many years ago. Medicine is not all about profit and gain. It is time, once more, to give back to our community that has always upheld us.
We will find a way, with your help and support, to keep OB open. This is our hospital. We will find a way.”, said Bautista.

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