Guymon Tigers, alumni to scrimmage Saturday to raise baseball budget funds

Saturday at noon, the Guymon Tigers boys of summer will be back in action gearing up for the baseball season with a scrimmage. However, this particular scrimmage will be a reunion of sorts as alumni will be converging upon Guymon to take on the boys that now wear the uniforms they once wore with pride. Volunteer Assistant Coach Mario Hernandez is ramrodding the occasion in an effort to bring the baseball budget account back to where it was at the beginning of the season. “This is the biggest reason we are doing this, because we have already run out of our budget,” Hernandez said. “We had a normal budget this year, but there was no equipment, no uniforms, but we did the best with what we had. We used our budget for JV and Varsity’s new pants. The pants they had were stained and dirty.“If we can return some of the money that we had when we started off the year, which was about $1,100, that would make a big difference,” he added. “We are just trying to make sure we buy the stuff we need, but also return the account to where it was before so the kids continue to have what they need.” The scrimmage, which begins at noon on Saturday at Guymon High School’s baseball diamond, Hernandez believes, will be enjoyed by all.“It will be fun and will also be an easy way to raise some extra money for practice balls, catcher’s equipment and things like that,” he said. “I know some of the equipment we are using now, we were using when I graduated in 2002.” Hernandez said the cost of admission to the scrimmage is simply a free-will donation. Concessions and raffles will be available as well. Also to add to raising some revenue for the program, each participating alumni has agreed to pay $25 each. The current Guymon Tigers, however, have simply been asked just show up and play some ball.As for the raffle, Hernandez said he is currently pounding the streets asking for donations from local businesses. He has already received things from sports memorabilia to a one-year subscription to the GDH.Not only does Hernandez want the Guymon Tigers baseball team to enjoy their sport, he would love to see the public get just as enthusiastic about the local baseball program. He also believes he scrimmage will prepare the boys a bit better for their upcoming season opener, the following week.“We are trying to get the public involved with our program,” he said. “As an alumni, when I was playing, I loved it. This is something I don’t want these boys to lose the love for. We kind of want to find a way to rekindle the interest.“I would love to see people come out and just support the team,” he concluded. “I am excited for a good turnout and praying for good weather.” Hernandez added any donations to the cause would be much appreciated by the Guymon Tigers baseball program.