Guymon City Council discusses short agenda

The Guymon City Council held a special meeting at 4 p.m. on Thursday at Guymon City Hall to discuss and approve a variety of topics presented in the meeting. First on the agenda, after the meeting was called to order and the approval of Consent Agenda, was a Presentation of Proclamation declaring the week of Oct. 7-13, 2012 as National 4-H Week. The proclamation was read by Kim Peterson, which included the information behind the organization and the guidelines and numbers represented in the area. It also included the definition of the 4 H’s represented in the organization title; head, heart, hands, help. Next, a presentation was made by OWRB member Jason Hitch, who presented information about State Question 764 which would create a $300 million bonding authority for the Oklahoma Water Resource Board in the case of water and sewage treatment loan defaults.“There’s a website they put up,, that anybody can go to get information,” said Hitch.“We’d sure take any support, and if anybody has any opportunities to speak of, please do so.” The next item on the agenda was discussion and approval of the Emergency Operating Plan. Harold Tyson, Emergency Management Director, brought forth the information on the plan, and it was approved by the council. Item number six on the agenda was the discussion and possible action to authorize to advertise for bids for the mowing, clean-up, and removal of weeds, trash and debris from abated property for the 2013 fiscal year. The information was presented by Guymon Code Enforcement Officer John Shaffer and was also approved by the council. Last item on the agenda was the discussion of payment requisitions for Contractor’s Applications for the new Library, Animal Shelter, and Fire Department for Timberlake Construction. Many members of Timberlake Construction were present at the meeting to discuss the progress and requisitions needed. The council approved of the Payment Requisitions, and the meeting was adjourned.