Gruver Mayor Proposing Other Options for Law Enforcement

The hot topic sweeping the Texas Panhandle is the news of the Mayor of Gruver posting a City Council agenda dealing with the removal of the Gruver PD in the population 1,194 town. GDH has received a statement from Gruver Mayor Buster Davis about the issue of contracting through the Hansford County Sheriff's office, which is approximately 14 miles from Gruver, and doing away with the City PD. It reads: A discussion item was placed on the agenda for the next scheduled Gruver City Council meeting 6/19/13. The Gruver City Council will discuss entering into negotiations with the Hansford County Sherriff's Office for law enforcement services for the City of Gruver. It is our duty to make decisions that are the most economically advantageous and efficient for the good of our community. The Gruver City Council will discuss the economic issues associated with operating, staffing and maintaining a city police department or outsourcing to the Sherriff's Office. Leaving Gruver without law enforcement is not and never will be a possibility. Buster Davis, MayorCity of GruverA large amount of Gruver residents are in an uproar about this proposal as it raises many questions for them about the response time during emergencies for the Sheriff's office being in Spearman.Read the full story in tomorrow's GDH!