A father asks a community to join him...as he prays for his daughter

Most 10-year-old children are spending their summer riding bikes, attending camp and enjoying the summer sun at the swimming pool. It’s simply not common for a 10-year-old little girl to have to muster up the strength to go through not her first, but her third open-heart surgery.Sahryn Gilbert was born with a heart defect that affected her mitral valve. Before she reached the tender age of two, Sahryn underwent her first surgery to fix her mitral valve. Several years ago, in Tennessee, Sahryn received a mechanical mitral valve, as well as a pacemaker – via open heart surgury No. 2.On Monday, this sweet little girl will once again face the operating table. Her aortic valve has failed to do the job it’s designed for, so skilled hands will once again gather around this brave little girl to correct the problem. Her family would like to ask old and new friends alike to stand in prayer with them for Sahryn’s safety and recovery.“I would like to ask everyone to pray for Sahryn,” Sahryn’s father Michael Gilbert said. “Monday, July 28, will be her open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve with a mechanical valve. She currently has a mechanical mitral valve and pacemaker.“This will be her third open heart surgery,” he explained. “I thank all of you for past support and future support. I am praying for peace and comfort for all of us and a smooth operation with speedy recovery. May God be with Dr Knott-Craig and his staff, as he performs the surgery.”While Sahryn is recovering, her family requests family, friends and strangers alike show their love with a card shower. Cards to brighten Sahryn’s day can be sent to PO Box 31555, Edmond, OK 73003. “For years, she would write or draw you pictures while visiting,” Sahryn’s Aunt Miranda (Gilbert) said. “Even if people can’t give to the fund, I would like them to find a moment in their day to pick up or draw her a card and mail it to her. I would love for her to know how many people thought of her that day, and actually see it.”There is an account set up at Midfirst Bank to assist Sahryn’s family with the the costs that come with special healthcare needs such as this. Call 1-888-643-3477 or go to any Midfirst Bank location to donate to account No. 8282033765.“Donations will be used to get the family to her open heart surgery in Memphis, expenses there, and any medical costs,” Miranda said. “Michael has no paid leave, so any help is greatly appreciated.”Editor’s note: Michael Gilbert is a long-time Guymon resident. He graduated from Guymon High School in 1993. Gilbert and his family moved to Edmond to be closer to medical care for his daughter.