Farmers Country Market to close in three weeks

Staff Writer

It used to be United Supermarket. Then it became Carter’s. When the Carters made the decision to move out, Farmer’s Country Market came in. For a brief time during that tenure, they rebranded the store to Top Value, then transitioned back to Farmer’s. New signage went up on the building, and changes were made to reopen the deli and make changes to the fare sold on store shelves. In May, the Guymon Daily Herald ran a story to let residents know the company had heard feedback from customers and made a move to go back to a more traditional service grocery store, along with new management to make those changes.

This week following calls from concerned readers, we have learned Farmer’s Country Market will now be closing down.

According to Aaron Breedyk with Farmer’s, the store will close down in about three weeks. Everything throughout the store is 20 percent off. Truck deliveries have been stopped, and current management on the ground is working to get everything sold.

“We’re not getting enough business,” Breedyk said. “We’re just going to try to sell off what we have.”

It was also stated that the store is for sale if any parties interested wish to purchase the location at 1902 N. Academy St. in Guymon.

CORRECTION: The story covering the closure of Farmer’s Country Market states at the end of the story that the store at 1902 N. Academy St. is for sale. For clarification, the business itself is for sale, but the physical building located at that address is owned by the owners of Northridge Shopping Center, and is not for sale.

United Pharmacy has contacted the Guymon Daily Herald and wants the community to know they will remain open and serving customers.