Elmer David Shares His Story

In 2007, Elmer David did not want to attend the annual Memorial Hospital Health Fair, but his wife, Juanice, won that argument. An outcome that would prove lifesaving for this Guymon resident. “Juanice kept telling me we were at the age where we needed to have some things checked out,” David said. David, who had never attended a health fair until that time, would learn that he had prostate cancer.“It was early Stage 4,” David explained.” And my doctor told me, ‘I don’t know if we can save you or not, but we’ll try.’ So I told him I would rather go for it than not.” David said he received a copy of the test results initially in the mail - tests that he almost hadn’t had done even after agreeing to go to the fair.“At the health fair they asked me if I wanted to have a PSA done,” he said. “I told them no - let it go. But, Juanice said ‘yes, we do want that test run.’ So, I guess you could say she saved my life.”The test results were also sent to David’s physician at the time.“He called me and said this wasn’t a laughing matter and we needed to check this out further to confirm what it was,” David said. “He said I needed to get in to see them now, that we needed to get this taken care of.”He was then sent to another physician who confirmed the diagnosis - cancer. “I was sent to the Harrington Cancer Center,” David said. He was immediately started on radiation treatments. “I was getting treatments five days a week until we got it done,” David said, adding that surgery was not an option in his case. “The doctor said because I had so many back surgeries before that he wouldn’t do surgery. That if I did it could be a death sentence for me.”Through it all, David has maintained a positive outlook.“I wasn’t too worried,” he said. “I just talked to the Lord about it. I said, ‘God, if it is my time to come home to be with you, I’m not going to argue, but my wife still wants me to hang around for some reason.’ I left it in His hands.” His prognosis today is good.“They told me now that I don’t have any cancer. I go back every year to the health fair to have my PSA levels checked again. People need to go to health fairs - that’s how I found my cancer. I would be dead today if it hadn’t been.”