Dr. Faltyn updates on early college program

Staff Writer

A special pilot program through Oklahoma Panhandle State University is working toward a potential kickoff as the university and area schools work in conjunction to create the ideal environment for excelling high school students to graduate with both their diplomas and an associates degree. OPSU President Dr. Tim Faltyn spoke before the Guymon Board of Education this month to go over what the Early College High School dual credit program could look like and will offer to students prepared to accelerate their higher education.

“This program is for a very specific brand of student. This is a high achieving, very committed, very motivated student,” Faltyn said.

Freshmen rising into their sophomore year will take the pre-ACT test. If those students meet the minimum test score requirements, they are admitted in the program. Through concurrent dual-credit enrollment, students can go through courses that count toward both their high school diploma and a two-year associates degree.
In this pilot program, high school students will still be able to take some electives and be allowed to have the high school experience while still moving toward both the diploma and degree. Sophomore and junior level students will take classes at high school or online, rather than being integrated with older college students at the university.

Along with the fact that the program will start students at school or online, Faltyn stated he is hand-picking which instructors would be best to help motivate and energize students to continue through the program.

“For the right brand of student, you are giving that student a tremendous head start. When they walk across the graduation stage for Guymon Public Schools, I’m on the other side with an associates degree,” Faltyn said.

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