City of Guymon street maintenance has begun

Staff Writer

The City of Guymon Street Department is starting a spring crack seal program. Crews will be working around town using a hot applied asphalt to fill cracks in the road cause by weather and moisture. This product is designed to stop rain or water from getting under the roadway and causing further deterioration. The streets completed will have 3” wide black stripes randomly on them. The material is safe to drive on once it sets which is generally about 45 minutes.

There will be a work caravan of several vehicles and trailers with crews working in and out of the equipment to do the repairs. The crews will be wearing safety vests and have signs on a trailer to help direct traffic. We are asking citizens to please give the crews space to work in and travel at least a block away if possible. High pressure air will be used to clean out the cracks which could result in flying sand, rocks and dirt. To protect your vehicle and the staff serving the public, please be patient and try to travel around the work zone. Work will not include all streets in town but will continue for the next 30 days.

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