City of Guymon budget make slow recovery progress

Staff Writer

The Guymon City Council discussed budget numbers for 2018 and reviewed available 2017 numbers during the regular scheduled meeting this week. A mix of good and bad news was delivered by Interim City Manager Larry Mitchell during the discussion.

Currently, the city has a $2.3 million remaining fund balance listed on a handout given to council and made available to those in attendance at the meeting, along with a memorandum written by Mitchell. The memorandum, dated Nov. 30 and addressed to the mayor and Guymon City Council members, notes that those working on the budget numbers for FY 2018 made efforts to adhere to direction given by council during the initial budget workshop on Oct. 26. Mitchell advised council in the letter that due to council’s expressed desire to “reduce the gap between operating expenses and declining revenues”, the directive means the city’s primary objective must be to protect the current fund balance and sustain recent efforts to strengthen core services. Those core services includes improving community development, maintenance of water, wastewater and street infrastructure, as well as improving community development and building inspection services.

Be sure to pick up this weekend's Guymon Daily Herald for details and an explanation on the numbers given at the meeting.