Burwell family experiences mourning, joy with birth of twins

Thad Harley Burwell and Theresa Evangelina Burwell experienced tragic loss, but are still holding on to joyful hope with the birth of their twin girls on August 21 when Theresa was just 25 weeks and five days into the pregnancy.According to the babies’ grandmother, Leanna Medina who works at Lumber Mart in Guymon, the twins had developed Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, which is a rare condition occurring in identical twins while they are in the womb. It can result in various outcomes, and in this case, resulted in the death of one of the babies, named Heaven.In this situation, all the nutrients being supplied Heaven were moved to the other twin in the shared placenta. Heaven was also born without a bladder.Heaven was born weighing one pound and three ounces. She passed away just three days after her birth.The other baby, Nevaeh (Heaven, spelled backwards), now weighs one pound and nine ounces.“She’s still alive, she’s doing fine,” Medina said. “She has a heart murmur but she’s doing good.”The couple has three other children currently in Guymon, but they continue to return to Amarillo to take care of Navaeh often, making their travel expenses high.The couple will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Amarillo while their baby grows and improves in the hospital.At this time of loss, the family is experiencing many emotions as they still have a surviving twin to care for, as well as their family back home. One thing that would be appreciated by the entire family and their friends is monetary donations.A bank account has been set up at the Bank of the Panhandle where donations are being accepted for funeral costs, travel costs and any other expenses the family may come across during this difficult time. A fund has also been set up at Henson-Novak for the funeral services.“They want to thank everyone that has helped so far,” Medina said.Thad and Theresa are extremely thankful for the generosity that has been shown and for the future generosity that may come their way.While the family is coping with loss, they are still hopeful and happy for Nevaeh, and will continue to support her and be by her side as much as they can.