Book launch party for local author, Margaret Mendenhall

Staff Writer

Author, Margaret Mendenhall will host a Book Launch Party for her newly released novel, Freedom’s Moon, Saturday, July 13 from 1:30 until 3:30 pm at Victory Center Church, located at 5th and Quinn.
Freedom’s Moon is book three in her Shawnee Friends Mission Series, a highly anticipated completion of the trilogy which included book one, Dawn of the Silver Moon and book two, Blood Moon Rising. All three books are Inspirational, Historical, Romance novels.
Freedom’s Moon takes place in 1860, just prior to the Civil War, featuring Thomas Bishop who, because he was born to a slave mother, is condemned to a life of slavery even though he has a white father somewhere he has never met. But he has a dream—an impossible one. His dream to one day be free and prosperous enough to offer a secure future to the woman he loves, seems unlikely. Even after being whipped mercilessly for learning to read—which the law in Missouri prohibits—secreted away in the middle of the night, sold, and then reported as dead, Thomas’s dream still can’t be squelched. Determined to escape the cruel institution of slavery, he and his companions set out into the unknown with bloodhounds hot on their trail, only to discover the Underground Railroad—a group of people filled with compassion for the unfortunate victims of slavery. With their help and an unshakable trust in God, he travels across Missouri to Kansas Territory, but even then, will it be enough to achieve the fulfillment of such a ridiculous dream?
Freedom’s Moon is Margaret’s sixth published book. She and her husband Charles reside in Guymon and currently pastor Victory Center Church, where they have ministered for the past forty-one years after pioneering the church in 1977.
The public is invited to the Book Launch Party where an autographed copy can be purchased. Her books are also available on her website:, and at, Amazon and anywhere books are sold.


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