Blizzard condition updates as of 11:30 a.m. for the Panhandle region

All Texas County Highways are closed. All motorists urged to stay home. If anyone does venture out, stay in car if stuck and keep a safety kit with you and extra blankets and warm clothes.The American Red Cross has established an emergency shelter at the Victory Memorial United Methodist Church Enrichment Center at the corner of North Sixth St. and North Quinn Street.Texas DPS has also now closed and barricaded hwy 54 at Stratford.Seaboard B shift has been cancelled due to extreme weather.Amarillo Airport recording wind gusts of 65knots/75mph. At this time all Texas DPS troopers in the affected areas of the Panhandle are unable to respond to all requests for assistance due to the whiteout conditions caused by blowing snow. Troopers are attempting to respond but roadways are impassable.National Guard units are in transit to assist with stranded motorist and emergency calls in the Texas PanhandleTX DPS reporting that ALL ROADS IN THE TEXAS PANHANDLE ARE IMPASSABLE at this time. Also getting reports that TXDOT has ceased operations. It is not safe to travel.