57th Oklahoma Legislature to soon go into session, Patzkowsky has filed eight bills

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With the 57th Oklahoma Legislature going into session soon, legislators have filed their bills and will begin the process of reading, rejecting and advancing potential law and changes to current law.

Representative Kenton Patzkowsky for Oklahoma House District 61 has filed eight bills.

House Bill 2261:
Patzkowsky’s first listed bill, HB 2261, takes aim at increasing the number of certified teachers graduated from an accredited teacher preparation program at universities in the state, to potentially be called the Teacher Incentive Program.

House Bill 2262:
HB 2262 makes a single change to Section 1, Chapter 237, O.S.L. 2018 (47 O.S. Sup. 2018, Section 11-801), relating to maximum and minimum speed limits.

House Bill 2263:
HB 2263 changes a single definition, and is authored by both Patzkowsky and Murdock. It relates to state law pertaining to groundwater.

House Bill 2264:
HB 2264 proposes to put into law that companies working toward the construction of wind energy transmission lines must meet a certain percentage of successful negotiations with landowners before initiating eminent domain proceedings against landowners.

House Bill 2265:
HB 2265 proposes to change law relating to game and fish, requiring deer and antelope hunting seasons to run concurrently.

House Bill 2266, House Bill 2267 and House Bill 2268:
As of now, these proposed legislation titles are set as placeholders and are not currently published with content.
HB 2266 states, “This act shall be known and may be cited as the ‘Oklahoma Firearms Act of 2019"
HB 2267 states, “This act shall be known and may be cited as the ‘Oklahoma Agriculture Reform Act of 2019"
HB 2268 states, “This act shall be known and may be cited as the ‘Oklahoma Agriculture Advancement Act of 2019"

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