The Daily Press Guymon Daily Herald | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-02-27T13:07:28-05:00 area school dismissals for Friday, February 27, 20152015-02-27T13:07:28-05:002015-02-27T12:28:56-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldGuymon, OKNo author availableEarly area school dismissals for Friday, February 27, 2015Guymon Daily continues to develop marketing plan for MHTC2015-02-26T01:00:03-05:002015-02-26T01:00:03-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldOne detail noted during the meeting was the low median age in Texas County overall. According to the Texas County website ( information.htm), the overall median age is 33, with a female median age of 34.1 and a male median age of 31.8 as of the 2010 census.Guymon, OKNo author availableCEO continues to develop marketing plan for MHTCGuymon Daily of Control discusses accounts cleanup, Hooker clinic2015-02-25T05:42:32-05:002015-02-25T05:42:32-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldDuring the meeting, board member Buddy Holbert noted the need for some cosmetic work to the Hooker clinic. An opportunity to avail the clinic of volunteers willing to assist has presented itself, partially addressing the lack of funds MHTC currently faces to take care of such matters currently.“I have 45 students from the University of Minnesota (who) will be here March 16 in Hooker to do some community work,” Holbert said.Guymon, OKNo author availableBoard of Control discusses accounts cleanup, Hooker clinicGuymon Daily delays and cancellations for Monday, February 23, 2015 2015-02-22T20:46:43-05:002015-02-22T20:20:15-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldOklahoma Panhandle University will delay until 10 a.m. to allow road crews to work.Hooker Public Schools - CanceledGoodwell Public Schools - CanceledHardesty Public Schools - CanceledTurpin Public Schools - CanceledTyrone Public Schools - CanceledStraight School - CanceledTexhoma Public Schools - CanceledGuymon, OKNo author availableSchool delays and cancellations for Monday, February 23, 2015 Guymon Daily, vehicle etiquette reminds – share the road2015-02-20T07:01:44-05:002015-02-20T07:01:44-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldMost traffic laws apply to those riding bicycles, with a few exceptions due to the nature of the vehicle in use. Cyclists must travel on the roadway, off of the sidewalk and with the flow of traffic. Guymon, OKNo author availableCycling, vehicle etiquette reminds – share the roadGuymon Daily of Oklahoma Panhandle Partners visits TXCO Coalition2015-02-20T06:58:34-05:002015-02-20T06:58:34-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily Herald“This is an organization that is a support system,” Weiditz said. “This is a cancer support group, and we help people with the expenses of cancer.”Guymon, OKNo author availableWeiditz of Oklahoma Panhandle Partners visits TXCO CoalitionGuymon Daily County Jr. Livestock Show wraps up today2015-02-19T16:20:56-05:002015-02-19T16:20:56-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldGuymon, OKNo author availableTexas County Jr. Livestock Show wraps up todayGuymon Daily BREAKING NEWS...Shawnee Tribe to Build Casino Entertainment Center near Guymon in the Oklahoma Panhandle Study forecasts 175 new jobs, $3.7 million annual payroll2015-02-17T23:12:22-05:002015-02-17T23:09:47-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldThe casino will be located approximately 2 ½ miles southwest of Guymon on the south side of State Highway 54 and will become a destination location and economic engine for the area, according to an economic feasibility study.  The project will feature approximately 600 electronic games and eight black jack tables as well as a restaurant and bar.  Architects have designed the casino entertainment center to accommodate future expansion.“We are pleased to announce our plans today to develop a casino entertainment center just outside Guymon, Okla.,” said Ron Sparkman, chief of the Shawnee Tribe.  “Today’s announcement comes after two years of thorough research that confirmed the viability of building a 60,000-square-foot, high-quality center in the heart of the Oklahoma Panhandle.  The new center will position Guymon and the entire Oklahoma Panhandle as an entertainment and tourist destination point, attracting visitors from Texas, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado. In addition to the inflow of money to the area from out-of-state visitors, the center is projected to create 175 new jobs with a total annual payroll of $3.7 million, which will boost the local economy and benefit existing retail, hospitality and restaurant businesses.”Chief Sparkman indicated he expects construction will begin in late 2016.  He said the tribe is currently taking all required steps to complete the planning process associated with developing a casino entertainment center.“We’ve known for a long time casino entertainment centers in Oklahoma drive tourism dollars to the state, which, in turn, support local businesses, benefit communities and support a range of government services,” reported Russell Evans, senior economist at the Oklahoma City University Steven C. Agee Economic Research and Policy Institute.  “The intangible benefits of a casino entertainment center in the Oklahoma Panhandle will be higher than in other areas because it will contribute substantially to creating a robust hospitality and tourism industry in this part of the state.  It will be a real win-win for the area.”“Diversifying the economy in the Panhandle of Oklahoma is one of the top priorities of our organization.  Today's announcement about plans to build a casino entertainment center near Guymon by the Shawnee Tribe and its partner, Global Gaming Solutions, one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry, represents a major step toward achieving our goal of greater economic diversification,” said Vicki-Ayres Portman, executive director of the Panhandle Regional Economic Development Coalition.  “The new casino entertainment center will bring quality new jobs and substantial economic benefits to the entire Panhandle region. We look forward to working with Chief Sparkman and his leadership team to bring this development to fruition.”Chief Sparkman continued, “As a business enterprise, we recognize the importance of being a good local citizen.  As such, we believe in doing our part to build a better and stronger Panhandle region by working with area communities and organizations to support programs aimed at improving the quality of life for all citizens.  We look forward to joining the local business community and working together for the greater good of the region.” For more information on the project, please visit or find us on Facebook at About the Shawnee TribeThe Shawnee Tribe is a federally recognized Native American tribe comprised of 2500 members throughout the United States, primarily in Oklahoma. Congress enacted the Shawnee Tribe Status Act of 2000, which restored the Shawnee Tribe to its position as a sovereign Indian nation.About Chief Ron SparkmanChief Ron Sparkman is Chief of the Shawnee Tribe. He has been involved in tribal activities and has been actively involved in the Shawnee Tribe since the 1980s, serving as Vice Chairman and Chairman before becoming Chief. Chief Sparkman was instrumental in forming the InterTribal Council of Northeast Oklahoma, an organization of leaders from nine federally recognized tribes who meet to discuss and implement services for their members. He currently serves as President of this organization, in addition to holding leadership roles on several other boards and committees in his extended community. See the Guymon Daily Herald February 18 edition for artist renderings of the project. Guymon, OKNo author availableEXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS...Shawnee Tribe to Build Casino Entertainment Center near Guymon in the Oklahoma Panhandle Study forecasts 175 new jobs, $3.7 million annual payrollGuymon Daily Commissioners consider contract with PC Hut2015-02-17T21:33:09-05:002015-02-17T21:33:09-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldGuymon, OKNo author availableTXCO Commissioners consider contract with PC HutGuymon Daily Street Guymon awards presentation meets Paris2015-02-17T21:27:05-05:002015-02-17T21:27:05-05:00Copyright 2010 Guymon Daily HeraldFind out who the winners are in Wednesday's edition of the GDH!Guymon, OKApril CobleMain Street Guymon awards presentation meets ParisGuymon Daily