No more fireworks after 4th of July

The Fourth of July celebrations have ended, and the City fireworks display was named one of the biggest and best in Guymon’s history. GFD only had to respond to two fireworks-related calls in the midst of the celebrations, which means it was a safe celebration in the area. However, the fireworks should not go on, according to the Guymon Code of Ordinances.According to the Guymon Police Department Bulletin over the last couple of days, GPD has responded to 22 or more calls of fireworks disturbances. Some of these disturbances were reported well past midnight. Although this is a common happening in most communities after July 4, there is actually an ordinance that forbids this from happening and some residents are unaware. The City Ordinance part 10, chapter three section C states: “It is unlawful for any person to fire, ignite, light, or explode or cause to be ignited, fired, lighted or exploded, any fireworks, firecrackers or explosives of any nature or kind within the city, except on July 4…” This is important information to share as it helps provide the community with safety and keeps residents within the law.