Interim CEO Jones resigns, MHTC calls special Thursday meeting

The Memorial Hospital of Texas County Special meeting of the Board of Control6 p.m., Thursday in the board room- Call to order- Roll call of attendance- Verification of compliance with Open Meeting Act with notice and posting of agenda- Executive session - The board may consider to take action to adjourn into executive session for the purpose of discussing the resignation of John Jones as CNO/Interim CEO and possible appointment of an Interim CEO. - The board may consider and take action ot adjourn into executive session upon the advise of its legal counsel for purposes of discussing pending action related to operation of MHTC that public disclosure would impair the ability of the Board of Control to process and proceed with public interest.- Vote to return to open session- Discussion and possible action with respect to accepting the resignation of John Jones, CNO/Interim CEO- Discussion and possible action with respect to appointing a possible Interim CEO- Discussion and possible action in regard to operations, current financial condition of hospital, status of accounts payable and accounts receivable, cash flow and related items- Update and possible recommendation from the Exploratory Committee- Report from Chairman of the Board- Consideration of MHTC lease and management proposals and possible action to approve a recommendation of lease of MHTC to the County Commissioners, and/or possible action to approve a propsal for management services agreement for MHTC- Discussion and possible action with respect to recommendation to the County Commissioners to further consider the sales tax proposal- AjournmentSee Friday's edition of the GDH for meeting details.