Guymon Welcomes New Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Lawrence P Shank, MD

A new face has taken over in the Bone and Joint clinic as Dr. Lawrence P Shank, MD is now the Orthopedic Surgeon in that location. Shank is a California native who moved to Nebraska at age 12 and grew up there in a small town outside of Omaha. He went to Stanford as an undergrad and returned to Nebraska to attend medical school in Omaha, in which he graduated in 1984. “I had an Army scholarship, so I had to go into the Army,” said Shank. “I ended up in El Paso, Texas doing my training.”He also stated that one of the good things about El Paso is that he met his wife there. Shank got into Orthopedics with a combined Texas Tech/Army program, so he is a Texas Tech graduate as well. While he was in the Army, Shank said they traveled quite a bit and named Washington D.C., Fort Knox, Kent., El Paso, and then his last assignment was in Fort Riley, Kan. After he got out of the Army, Shank spent some time in Tennessee and was in Phoenix, Ariz. for ten years. His wife, Dr. Eve Shank, is an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and decided that after the kids were done with school and in college, she wanted to go back to work, but not in Phoenix. That is how they ended up in Kansas, and now he has made his way to Guymon. Shank says the appeal of Guymon came very much from it being a good opportunity, and the medical staff is something he really appreciates. “They have a good medical staff here,” Shank said. “I like the physicians and I like the therapists that work here. They really encouraged me to come down.”He also credits the hospital to be part of what was so appealing for him to have taken this job opportunity. “I like what’s going on at the hospital. I think it’s really growing, and I think it’s got a really good staff. I like the operating room and the people that work there,” said Shank. “They are very nice.”“I like area too, really. I like taking care of the ranchers, the farmers, it’s a high plains town so we really like it here too.”He has two children and is currently living in Liberal at the moment with his wife, and they are looking into possibly moving to Guymon once they look at some options, and his wife is currently working in Liberal. Shank says he really enjoys golfing, and is a pilot so he really enjoys flying as well and mentioned how nice the Guymon airport is.As far as what kind of medical services he provides in his office, he says he takes care of general Orthopedics.“I like doing total knee replacements, and total hip replacements,” said Shank. “I take care of a lot of shoulder injuries, rotator cuffs, I take care of a lot of general injuries. So, that’s my main focus; total joints and sports injuries.”He also said that they are going to try to do a satellite clinic in Boise City once a month. “I’d like to just really take care of the people in the community,” Shank said. “I want them to know that they have a facility here that can take care of them in most cases, and people should give us a shot and come here first and see what we can do here. Also, they have somebody board certified in Orthopedics, so I’ve been through all the training and keep my board certified status current.”As far as ending up in Guymon, Shank said he always imagined himself in a small town, and he truly enjoys the fact that Guymon gives him the ability to be involved in sports teams and taking care of them and their injuries in the Panhandle. As he seems to enjoy his current location in the Panhandle, he encourages people to come see him and give him a chance to help with what needs to be taken care of in his field of practice. “Hopefully people will give us a try and know that we can take care of you here in Guymon,” he said.Dr. Shank’s office is located in the High Plains Bone and Joint Clinic, 1753 N. Roosevelt, Suite 300. Their phone number is 580-468-9896.