Guymon home lost to fire, community steps up to help

On Wednesday evening, when Sheila Scott and her daughters went out to visit her husband and the girls’ father at work, they had no idea they would not be able to return home. A fire roared through the family home, taking everything with it. However, the community has stepped up in a big way to help the Scott family rebuild their lives.Assistant Texas County Fire Chief Grant Wadley said the fire was reported at 6:30 on Wednesday evening at 1110 S. Lelia by neighbors.“On Guymon Firefighters arrival, heavy smoke and fire was coming from the windows of the home.” Wadley said. “The fire spread very rapidly throughout the house before firefighters were able to get the blaze under control.“The family lost everything in the fire including clothes, furniture, personal items, appliances,” he continued. “Fire investigators found the fire to have started in the kitchen area of the home, but the cause is still under investigation. It took firefighters 30 minutes to bring the fire under control and remained on the scene for an additional hour putting smoldering areas and trying to salvage family belongings in the house.”Wadley said the Red Cross was contacted to assist the family, local churches and community members are helping out as well. An account to assist the family has been set up at City National Bank.Andy and Sheila Scott stopped by the Guymon Daily Herald office Thursday. They are trying to get back on their feet and they are incredibly grateful for all the support the City of Guymon has offered them. “Really, right now, we are just trying to find a place that is decently livable – something that is safe for our family,” Sheila said. “The girls sizes are between five and 12, shoe sizes are between 12 and four. Andy wears a 40/32 pants and extra large shirts. I wear 11 pants and medium to large shirts. Andy wears a size 11-12 in shoes and I’m a 9-10. “Right now we do have a couple of friends, Stacie Lucero-Bourne and Kandi Hollis Chesnut, they both live at 1505 and 1507 N. May,” she added. “They are taking drop-offs at their houses.” Although it’s hard for children to understand, Sheila said she is trying to show them the bigger picture. “The kids are tore up about toys,” she said. “They are kids, they don’t understand that, ‘I can’t replace your life, but I can replace your toys.’ Thank God we weren’t there. Trailer houses go up so fast, we may or may not have been able to get out, we just don’t know.” Both Andy and Sheila can’t thank the community enough for all of the support they have received since the fire. “We are just grateful for the community helping,” Andy said. “The firefighters, police officers, churches, Red Cross, everyone has just come together to put it all together for us. An hour after it happened it was on Facebook and it just skyrocketed. Donations are just coming out of the woodwork from people that we don’t even know. “We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everybody,” he concluded. “People don’t have to do this, but they did. It just means a lot – I don’t think it has really sunk in yet.”