City settles with architect

The City of Guymon voted Thursday to settle a disagreement with architect Brian Curtis over a bill for his services designing the new library, fire station and animal shelter.The controversry with Mr. Curtis has been ongoing for several years.In the settlement, Curtis will be paid $50,000. His original bill was for about $246,000, and the city thought he should be paid $35,000.“What led to the settlement agreement was that Mr. Curtis had presented a bill to the city for services that he claimed he had not been paid for,” said city attorney David Petty. “The city had made a computation of what it believed it owed, tentatively, and it was about in the $35,000 range.”The city’s attorney and Curtis’s attorney negotiated the $50,000 settlement.“As a result of the settlement, there’s no question about further litigation, use of plans, computer drawings, schedules, using engineering consultant,” Petty said. “It’s, in our view, a good resolution of the matter.”The City Council voted 4-0 to approve the settlement, with council member John Van Meter absent.Prior to the vote during public comment, 13 individuals stepped forward one-by-one to voice their disapproval of the three projects — the library, animal shelter and fire station — as they have been presented.The main issue is location and costs. The new library is slated to be built on the west side of the city between the YMCA and Northridge Christian School. The fire station and animal shelter will be in far north Guymon, where the fastest growth has taken place.“I’m against the projects as I know them,” said Becky Robinson, echoing the feelings of the other individuals gathered for the meeting. “Also, the enforcement program is not working, and Guymon remains an eyesore.”